Petr Polášek


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Petr Polasek – about me

My name is Petr Polasek, I was born 28th of April 1983 in Prague. My life was connected with art since my childhood. I already was winning in various artwork competition as a child.

I focused exclusively on artwork after high school education. My first creation include mainly portraits and drawing. The big ideal was my father for me, who was an excellent artist, who strongly influenced my further artistic progression. Another important figure in my life was a drawer Jan Skorepa, a student of Zdenek Burian. I became his student for some time.

In 2007 I cooperated with Gottland, which I drew picture for “ Karel Gott s paletou a stetci “ This artwork became the main eye-catcher together with logo of Gottland tour and which was exposed in National hall of New York.

My creation is very wide. Beginning by portraits (not celebrities only) but also portraits of animals, landscape, even 3D drawing, one of them is decorating Kotva – the shopping mall in Prague or Grand Vital’s billboard. Those or another you can see in Czech Republic and abroad, one of them in Santo Rosario chapel in Elba, mural drawings in Basca Voda based in Croatia. Then as well you can find my creations in Las Vegas, Turkey, Florida and Italy.

In 2014 the creative art competition in Schudole and Odrou was named after me. I have moved in Brno after absolving succesful Exhibitions in Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Austria and Slovakia, where I am currently creating and drawing.